Message of Peace for the New Year

Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues–

I have just returned from Connecticut, where I was visiting my family for the Christmas holidays.  There, as in much of the country, the tragedy of Newtown, where 20 children and six others were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, is very much present.  Signs at the local town halls in Connecticut read, “We are Sandy Hook.”  And it cannot be denied that a part of each of us died in that tragedy.

Recent news has focused on the children and their families, their classmates, the teachers who sacrificed their lives to protect their students, as well as Adam Landsky and his family.  Everyone is looking to identify the causes and the culprits, and to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.  Some interesting and long-overdue discussions are taking place in the public eye about mental illness and recent budget cuts in that area, suicide among young people (more than 19,000 suicides were reported last year in the United States), the role of the media in glorifying violence as a means to resolve conflicts, and of course the need for gun control.  This last topic is highly emotional and critical to the national dialogue about who we are and who we want to be.  I am hopeful that these debates will continue and will contribute to a consensus that favors a public policy of violence prevention, rather than greater militarization.

Thinking of you all this holiday season and wishing you a year of renewed hope and commitment to a better world.  I think especially of those of you who have been touched by violence and have chosen to walk a path of peace.  I wish for you a year of realized hopes and dreams, and a renewed commitment for a more just and peaceful world.  May peace reign in your hearts, in your families, and in your communities. And may the peace process in Colombia and the many efforts to build peace throughout that country and around the world flourish and blossom in the new year.

Happy new year!

Abrazos, Ginny

About Ginny Bouvier

Love reading, writing, thinking, and working with people to make the world a better place. Family and friends, yoga, travel, photography, perusing dessert menus keep me sane. Latin American enthusiast. Peace practitioner yearning for justice. Heading up the Colombia program at the U.S. Institute of Peace, but tweets and posts are my own.
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9 Responses to Message of Peace for the New Year

  1. says:

    Hi G,

    Really nice message of peace for the new year.

    Love, Mom


  2. says:

    Dear Ginny, thanks for your thoughtful message. I share with you the feeling of sadness for the tragedy in Newtown. Connecticut has a special place in my heart and mind because I lived for seven years in Wesport and East Norwalk while I worked for Save the Childre during the 80’s at the Westport HQ. I also share with you the desire for peace for Colombia and the world. Thanks for your valuable contributions to both. Un gran abrazo de Nuevo Agno de 2013.
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  3. James C. Jones says:

    Your comments are spot on, Ginny. The tragedy in Newtown touch us all, and deeply. I hope that it may be a turning point in dealing with at least two major issues in our society: gun control and mental illness. The two issues have been coupled in news reportage in a way that I don’t recall in previous massacres. So maybe this does portend a turning point.

    You work in societies abroad with a lot of conflict, a lot of violence. It’s easy to forget that we have conflict and violence here. And those problems, especially gun control and mental illness, represent a dark side. They combined in the case of Newtown to spell an awful violence. Yet one, alas, that says something about the depressing role of violence in our culture and as perpetuated gratuitously by the media, by video games, and too often by cheap film.

    May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season, and may 2013 be kind to you in every way. And, of course, kind to our country.

    Sincerely–Jim Jones


  4. Dorys Ardila Muoz says:

    Ginny. Saludo y salud para este 2013. Dar gracias a la vida y a la providencia poder compartir con gente como ud suenos y esperanzas de habitar un mundo mejor, mas pacifico y mas solidario. Bienaventuranzas para ud y su faamilia. Abrazo, Dorys.

    Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 14:26:01 +0000 To:


  5. Ana Maria says:

    Mucha salud , animo, y Algeria para que sigas compartiendo con generosidad tu lucha por la Paz y el Amor en el mundo


  6. Luis says:

    Wish you blessings and happiness in 2013. Saludos, Luis.


  7. Jose Rios says:

    Ginny: the best wisher for you at 2013. jose noe rios Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 14:26:02 +0000 To:


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