Preliminary Accords Released to the Public as 29th Round Begins

23 September 2014

The 29th round of talks began on Tuesday, Sept. 23, and in a joint communiqué on Sept. 24, the Colombian government and FARC-EP negotiators in Havana announced their decision to make public the preliminary draft agreements reached in the peace process thus far. (See the joint statement here.)  The parties noted that “all sorts of speculations exist about what has been agreed–speculations that are sometimes the result of ignorance of the communiqués and reports and others with the clear intent to disinform public opinion.  For this reason, and as a measure of transparency, we decided to make public the texts of the joint drafts.”

In a separate statement,  lead government negotiator Humberto de la Calle recognized that the parties had released more than 40 joint communiqués to the public, but acknowledged that “those efforts at transparency have not been sufficient and have left too wide a margin for speculation, including ill-intentioned speculation.”  (See his statement here.)

The drafts, which total some 65 pages, pertain to the three preliminary agreements reached thus far:

  • “Toward a New Colombian Countryside:  Comprehensive Rural Reform”/“Hacia un Nuevo Campo Colombiano: Reforma Rural Integral”
  • “Political Participation: A Democratic Opening for Building Peace”/“Participación política: Apertura democrática para construir la paz”
  • “Solution to the Problem of Illicit Drugs”/ “Solución al Problema de las drogas ilícitas”

Read the agreements here.

Recap of Last Round

The 28th round of talks between the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP finished  on Thursday, September 11, 2014 with a joint statement that underscored the two main accomplishments of the cycle–the visit of a second delegation of victims to Havana, and the formalization of the gender subcommission.

“Like the testimony of the first twelve victims who came a few weeks ago, this second visit was fundamental for enriching the discussions of the fifth item on the Agenda [Victims], strengthening this process and the related accords that we might reach,” the statement read.  (See the full statement here.)  At a press conference on Sept. 11, the delegation of victims called on the parties to stay at the table until agreement was reached, urged them to accelerate the process and enact a bilateral ceasefire, and called on the parties to fulfill and guarantee the rights of the victims.  Read their press statement here and watch it below:

In the 28th cycle, which began on Sept. 1, the delegations also discussed among themselves the issue of victims and heard from experts on truth commissions.  A third delegation of victims will be received on Oct. 2.

Likewise, the gender sub commission began functioning in the last cycle, and the parties noted that it would meet at least once per cycle.  The subcommission will be accompanied by external advisors.  “The inclusion of a gender focus in a peace process like this has no precedent in the world, and is a milestone in the construction of agreements reached and forthcoming,” the parties noted in their joint statement of Sept. 11.

The delegations also acknowledged receipt of the reports on victims from the UN-National University forums in Barrancabermeja, Barranquilla, Villavicencio and Cali, and thanked Cuba, Norway, Chile and Venezuela for their support for the peace talks.



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