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A Peace Summit of Local Authorities

Last week, I came to Bogotá to participate in the Peace Summit of Mayors and Governors.  The event was sponsored by Gustavo Petro, the Mayor of Bogotá, and included the participation of local and regional authorities from some of the most … Continue reading

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Approaching a Tipping Point in Colombia?

Occasionally, and I believe this is such a time, one is privileged to stand before a moment of potential change.  It is the moment when the repeated striking of the flint produces a spark.  Eventually, the spark flickers, catches hold, … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera Discussion on Crisis in Cauca

Check out the segment below, which aired Wednesday on Al Jazeera television, to hear about the rising conflict in southwestern Colombia and to see live footage from the region. The show features yours truly as a guest, along with U.S. … Continue reading

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